National Stalking Awareness Week 2016

This week is National Stalking Awareness Week and it is fair to say that efforts from multiple support groups and agencies including Paladin the National Stalking Advocacy Service which I am pleased to currently chair have made significant progress in raising awareness of the prevalence and seriousness of stalking in modern society.

A story that has prompted much media attention is that of the stalking suffered by Lily Allen and the handling of her case by the police which has been highlighted this week. Not only was she essentially ‘fobbed off’ by police when seeking help from the stalking she had endured over a seven year period, but also received a letter from the police implying that her high profile statements about police handling of her case might prevent other people from coming forward to the police for help – thereby leading into the area / concept of ‘victim blaming / shaming’ which is a recurrent issue that those of us dealing with stalking victims encounter everyday.

I was asked by The Guardian to write a piece on this subject – which can be found here:

And a follow up interview on BBC 5 Live

That’s Lancashire also ran a news feature on stalking

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