Legal Advice for victims of Stalking, Domestic abuse and Honour Based Violence

Award winning solicitor Rachel Horman-Brown is nationally recognised as the leading legal expert on Stalking, Domestic Abuse and Honour Based Violence.  Rachel heads a team of specialist lawyers who represent clients throughout England and Wales who can be contacted here.  Stalking, Domestic Violence and Honour Based Violence is often not taken seriously even by the legal profession and Rachel receives hundreds of enquiries from people who have been badly advised by those who do not understand Stalking, domestic violence and Honour Based Violence and as a result put the client and children at risk.

Rachel advises clients how to increase the chances of a successful police prosecution and prepares appeals in relation to the charging decisions of the CPS and well as obtaining civil orders to protect victims where the police fail to do so.  Children are often the forgotten victims and abusers will try to use child contact to continue their abuse of the victim and children.  Disputes around children increase the risk to the victim significantly and needs to be understood and taken seriously.

If you would like to receive advice specifically from Rachel Horman-Brown she offers the following options:

– Face to face advice in a variety of locations nationwide

– Advice via Skype, Facetime or by telephone

– Review of your current situation including “second opinion” of advice already given

– Preparation of an action plan tailored to your individual circumstances

– Referral to other professionals/agencies throughout the UK

Rachel’s hourly rate is £400 per hour however in the event that other members of her team assist with areas of your case their individual rate will be applied accordingly.

Please note that prior to receiving advice as set out above, you will need to supply suitable ID and money on account. Appointments can be booked by contacting Sharon Short on 01254 67 22 22 and quoting reference RH1. Alternatively you can contact Rachel via her online enquiry form.