Are you worried about how Covid-19 will affect your child arrangements?

Rachel Horman said that she had been bombarded with enquiries from worried parents about how the isolation rules or school closures would affect the arrangements they had in place about the children

Some court orders are now incapable of being followed as they require collection from school and many are worried about whether contact is now safe

Rachel said that it was important this was sorted out in writing and in advance and that Watson Ramsbottom were able to deal with the correspondence and negotiations on behalf of clients as well as advising as to what arrangements were best placed to keep everyone safe and healthy. This is particularly relevant where there has been any history of abusive behaviour from one of the parents as arrangements needed to be made which continued to ensure that the parents were not coming into contact with each other where possible

Unfortunately one of the consequences of the Covid 19 outbreak is that the forced confinement at home will lead to a surge in domestic abuse for women and it will be even more difficult for them to get out

Rachel said “Please be reassured that the courts are still open and likely to remain open for urgent applications dealing with domestic abuse and refuges are also still providing a service to victims”

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