1. once
    a social worker deliberately lies to court and misrepresents situation,
    he spends the rest of the time manipulating others to let offender
    escape criminal actions and make mother watch her children suffer. its
    torture,its illegal but social workers in suffolk condone abuse and
    ignore mothers evidence to prove it happens. they ignore Stockholm
    syndrome in children and manipulate to cover sw mistake,again letting
    abuse continue and mother isolated by lies of sw,abuser and no help from
    police. hell is on earth. my ex has poison people in my family, me and
    my children kidnap by him. threats to kill my kids if he has to confess.
    what do i do? i can’t get help locally as corruption has shown me it

  2. law has guidelines to protect women and children in dv situations. the
    other sides of it too,is sw,s pull stunts and so do opposition lawyers.
    no refuse should be ordered to disclose. rubber stamping instead of
    reading and registering danger i would say is the main reason. judges
    are to complacent with believing sw,s and corrupt service providers.
    family courts are not dv courts and ignore abuse.

    • I know that many refuges are concerned about being ordered to disclose their addresses to the court. The refuge needs to ensure that if they do disclose information this is kept confidential and isn’t passed on to the father or his lawyers

      I think there is still clearly a lack of awareness around domestic violence in the family courts and a need for more training

  3. hi i was wondering tomorrow i have a hearing for a injunction i got against one of my crazy neighbors .so i can be protected from her to keep my life safe as with my son.in the mean time i found out today that she has her father in law as her lawyer.can her own father represent her in court and now does this mean that they will end the protection order i got out on her,is there a name for it like they all can be fabercating lies so the judge will end it.i didnt get a lawyer cause i am the victim.someone please help what you think my chances are in court and if the judge will take that into matter that they are being reprsented by a family member and that they al are in cahoots together

  4. Anon

    Hi. I am a dv victim and me and my children were forced to move away to a refuge. We have been away from my violent ex for a little over 2 years. He has constantly broken harassment orders and non molestation orders but still nothing happened about it. Police have totally let me and my children down. I had my final court hearing last week and without hearing my evidence, the judge made the decision that my ex was to have the contact details for my daughters and my son’s school. We live a 4 minute walk from school and I am petrified he will find us. I have rang social services but they have no intention of getting back involved (they were only involved because of the violent relationship and they ended their involvement 2 months after I moved to the refuge). I really don’t know what I can do. My children have been traumatised enough. I’m not going to put them through that again. Not for anyone. Not even a judge

    • Thanks for your comment, I have emailed you separately about your situation.

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